This privacy policy discloses the privacy practices for This privacy policy applies solely to information Terms of Service

GEL Media LLC (“GEL Media”) will provide access to certain GEL Media products, services and/or

programs (collectively, hereinafter referred to as “Services”) subject to Client’s acceptance of and

compliance with these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) and

enrolling through submission of a signed Service Level Assurance Agreement (hereinafter referred to

as “Agreement”) and adhering to the parameters outlined in said Agreement.

Description of Service

GEL Media may provide Client with one or more of the following Services or programs depending

on the package that Client selects: web site / web page development, search engine marketing, search

engine optimization, third party content assistance, email marketing, demographics research, domain

name management, web site hosting, maintenance and support, analytics and reporting, social media,

brand management, online press release optimization, pay-per-click ad management. Unless explicitly

stated otherwise, any new feature that augments or enhances the services shall be considered to be

part of the Services. GEL Media reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel services offered (or

any part thereof), at any time, without notice. Client expressly agrees that Client, or any related third

party, shall not hold GEL Media or its suppliers liable for any losses, damages or consequences

whatsoever from such modification, suspension or discontinuation of the Services.


For purposes of the Agreement, all dashboard or ticketing web pages that are owned, operated or

hosted by, or on behalf of, or for GEL Media, are referred to herein as the “GEL Media Dashboard

Sites.” During the Term, Client is authorized to access and use the GEL Media Services and GEL

Media Dashboard Sites and the content therein and data obtained solely for internal use to manage

Client’s GEL Media account(s) for which such content or data directly relates and will not disseminate

any of this information to third parties. Client shall not disclose or make available passwords or access

codes related to Client’s GEL Media accounts. Client agrees that Client will not use any automated

means, including agents, robots, scripts, or spiders, to access or manage Client’s account with GEL

Media or to monitor or copy the GEL Media Dashboard Sites or the content contained therein except

those automated means expressly made available by GEL Media, if any, or authorized in advance and

in writing by GEL Media. To access the GEL Media Services or GEL Media Dashboard Sites Client

may be asked to provide certain registration details or other information. It is a condition of Client’s

use of the Services or access to the GEL Media’ web sites that all the information Client provide on

this site will be correct, current, and complete. If GEL Media believes the information Client provide

is not correct, current, or complete, GEL Media has the right to refuse Client access to any GEL Media

Web Sites or Services or any of its resources, and to terminate or suspend Client’s account at any time.


Client agrees to pay GEL Media the a retainer fee, for any Service Client enrolls in, pursuant to the

terms of the Agreement, including, without limitation, all applicable taxes, if any, in accordance with

the economic terms defined in the Agreement. Client expressly understands, acknowledges and hereby

authorizes GEL Media to automatically charge Client’s credit card or debit Client’s bank account

once a month, or to pay all invoices within fourteen (14) days of the due date on invoice. Note:

Clients who are automatically billed on their credit card or via Ach will not generally be due an

invoice, although that can be requested in writing.

If GEL Media is unable to process service fees to Client’s credit card, successfully complete a bank

draft, or transfer said fees in acceptable alternative manner, GEL Media may in its discretion charge a

late fee of 1.5% of the amount due, plus incurring interest at the rate of 20% per month (or the

maximum amount permitted by law, whichever is less) from the date such payments were originally

due. GEL Media also reserves the right to pursue alternative means of payment up to and including

debt collection services and customer shall be liable for all collection costs, including without

limitation, attorneys’ fees. GEL Media reserves the right to charge a service fee per account up to but

not limited to $250 for non-payment or charge backs, and up to and $100 per incident for insufficient


Cancellation Policy

If for any reason, Client is not entirely satisfied with the Service(s), Client may cancel said Services at

any time, by forfeiting the entire amount due on the remaining term of the Agreement. Written cancel

requests must be submitted to GEL Media, PO Box 271929, Houston, TX 77277 via certified mail, on

company letterhead and signed by the original authorizing party. Cancellation requests will only be

processed with submission of an appropriate billing method for the full amount due. Depending on the

prevailing laws, on a state by state basis, Agreements will automatically renew for subsequent equal

time commitments to the previously defined Agreement authorized by Client if Client has not mailed a

written request to cancel thirty

(30) prior to scheduled expiration of Agreement, or based on the written definition of cancellation

procedures in the Agreement. Upon processing of final payment and termination of Agreement, no

further charges will be assessed to Client’s account from the verified date of cancellation forward. No

refunds shall be made for any reason; it is Client’s responsibility to proactively cancel the Services if,

at any time, Client wishes to discontinue service. All amounts owed for services rendered prior to the

verified cancellation date must be paid in full. There will be no prorating for partial months throughout

the Agreement. Due to account security and privacy concerns, all billing related questions and

cancellation requests MUST be made in writing or via email by the original authorizing party. For

security and training purposes, all calls (inbound and outbound) through GEL Media corporate offices

may be digitally recorded.

Payment Collection Policy

As GEL Media, in some cases, provides a bill-through service for advertising listings, the company

takes a significant credit risk for each and every Client. Therefore, Client is responsible to maintain an

active and valid payment method on file at all times. If for any reason, Client’s payment method is not

available, GEL Media reserves the right to immediately and temporarily turn off the web site, pay-per-

click ads, sponsored listings and ongoing or then current production, reporting, or support Services

being provided to Client account. If the payment is not received, GEL Media reserves the right to

terminate the Agreement in full and retain ownership of the web site, or other Services rendered or

provided, until such time the account has been paid in full. All terminations will result in an escalation

of all fees owed under the Agreement, including if Client Services are terminated for failing to

maintain payments in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. It is strongly recommended that

Clients maintain multiple forms of payment on file to prevent problems with payment receipt.

Representations and Warranties

Client represents, warrants and covenants that (i) Client has sufficient authority to enter into the


(ii) Client is a business, not a consumer, and that Client’s use of GEL Media’ Services is solely for

lawful commercial and business purposes; (iii) Client has the necessary rights to provide all

information provided under the Agreement for use as described in the Agreement, and that all such

information and all claims, statements, products and services contained or referenced therein and any

web site to which it links: (a) do not violate any law, statute, ordinance, treaty or regulation or GEL

Media’s policies or guideline; (b) do not infringe any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other

intellectual property right of any third party;

(c) do not breach any duty toward or rights of any person or entity including rights of publicity or

privacy, and have not otherwise resulted in or are not likely to result in any consumer fraud, product

liability, tort, breach of contract, injury, damage or harm of any kind to any person or entity; (d) are

not false, deceptive or misleading; (e) are not defamatory, libelous, slanderous or threatening; (f) will

be free of viruses, Trojan horses, trap doors, back doors, Easter eggs, worms, time bombs, cancelbots

or other computer programming routines that may potentially damage, interfere with, intercept, or

expropriate any system data or personal information; and (g) comply with the applicable Agreement

and this Terms and Conditions; and (iv) comply with all laws regarding unsolicited electronic messages

(including without limitation, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and Client will not engage in any form of

spamming or other impermissible marketing activities through any GEL Media Services provided.

Electronic Signatures Effective

The Agreement is an electronic contract that sets out the legally binding terms of Client’s use of the

Services, including, without limitation, GEL Media’ programs, Services and access to GEL Media

employees or resources. Client indicates Client’s acceptance of the Agreement and all of the terms and

conditions contained or referenced in the Agreement and these Terms and Conditions by clicking an “I

Accept” button in connection with Client’s enrollment, by signing the digital signature through the

online enrollment, or by presenting written or faxed signature acceptance. This action creates an

electronic signature that has the same legal force and effect as a hand written signature

(“Acceptance”). Acceptance indicates the Client accepts the Agreement, including without limitation

the Services being offered, agrees to the Terms and Conditions, and agrees that all other verbal

discussions or agreements are void and unenforceable. Acceptance indicates the Client also consents to

have the Agreement provided and stored in electronic form. Client may request a non-electronic copy

of the Agreement either before or after Acceptance. To receive a non-electronic copy of the

Agreement, please send a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to: Accounting, GEL Media, PO

Box 13243, Houston, TX 77279.


Client will indemnify and hold GEL Media, its subsidiaries, affiliates, content providers, service

providers, employees, agents, officers, directors, and contractors (the “Indemnified Parties”) harmless

from any breach of these Terms and Conditions and the applicable Agreement by Client, including any

use of content and

third-party content developed by GEL Media other than as expressly authorized in these Terms and

Conditions. Client agrees that the Indemnified Parties will have no liability in connection with any such

breach or unauthorized use, and Client agrees to indemnify any and all resulting loss, damages,

judgments, awards, costs, expenses, and attorneys’ fees of the Indemnified Parties in connection

therewith. Client will also indemnify and hold the Indemnified Parties harmless from and against any

claims brought by third parties arising out of Client’s use of the information accessed through GEL

Media’s Services.


Trademarks, service marks, and logos appearing in this site are the property of GEL Media or the party

that provided the trademarks, service marks, and logos to GEL Media. GEL Media and any party that

provided trademarks, service marks, and logos to GEL Media retain all rights with respect to any of

their respective trademarks, service marks, and logos appearing in this site. Client represents that any

service marks, logos, images, or trademarks submitted to GEL Media are owned or licensed legally by

Client for said use on or with Services provided by GEL Media.


Any passwords used for Services provided by GEL Media, or for access to a dashboard or web site

owned by GEL Media, are for individual use only. Client will be responsible for the security of Client’s

password (if assigned). GEL Media will be entitled to monitor Client’s password and, at its discretion,

require Client to change it. If Client uses a password that GEL Media considers insecure, GEL Media

will be entitled to require the password to be changed and/or terminate Client’s account. Client will

notify GEL Media immediately if Client believes that the security of Client’s account has been



Client is prohibited from using any Services provided by GEL Media to compromise security or

tamper with 3rd party system resources and/or accounts. The use or distribution of tools designed for

compromising security (e.g., password guessing programs, cracking tools or network probing tools) is

strictly prohibited. If Client becomes involved in any violation of 3rd party system security, GEL Media

reserves the right to release Client’s details to system administrators at other sites in order to assist

them in resolving security incidents. GEL Media reserves the right to investigate detected violations of

these Terms and Conditions.

GEL Media reserves the right to fully cooperate with any law enforcement authorities or court order

requesting or directing GEL Media to disclose the identity of anyone posting any e-mail messages, or

publishing or otherwise making available any materials that are believed to violate these Terms and






Proprietary Information

The material and content accessible from any site owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by GEL

Media (the “Content”) is the proprietary information of GEL Media or the party that provided the

Content to GEL Media, and GEL Media or the party that provided the Content to GEL Media retains

all right, title, and interest in the Content. Accordingly, the Content may not be copied, distributed,

republished, uploaded, posted, or transmitted in any way without the prior written consent of GEL

Media, except that Client may print out a copy of the Content solely for Client’s internal use. In doing

so, Client may not remove or alter, or cause to be removed or altered, any copyright, trademark, trade

name, service mark, or any other proprietary notice or legend appearing on any of the Content.

Modification or use of the Content except as expressly provided in these Terms and Conditions is

prohibited. Neither title nor intellectual property rights are transferred to Client by access to the

Services or GEL Media Services. Client is expressly prohibited, directly or indirectly through any

third party, from any of the following: (i) copying, modifying, creating a derivative work of, reverse

engineering, reverse assembling or otherwise attempting to discover the source code of any software

pertaining to the Services; (ii) renting, leasing, selling, assigning, transferring, sublicensing, re-licensing,

granting a security interest in, or gaining unauthorized access to the Services; and (iii) accessing the

Services by any means other than through the interface that is provided by GEL Media for use in

accessing the Services. Theft of Content from any site owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by

GEL Media will be pursued through all legal remedies for the full value of the Services, damages, and

attorney’s fee where viable by local and state laws. The use of any of the Services provided by GEL

Media shall in no way be construed by any user as granting or conferring upon them any intellectual

property rights whatsoever. Any content provided by Client and post termination of the Agreement,

paid for by Client in full, is owned by the Client and not by GEL Media.

External Sites

This site or any site owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by GEL Media may be hyper-linked to

other external sites that are not maintained by, or related to, GEL Media. Hyper-links to such sites are

provided as a service to users and are not sponsored by or affiliated with this site or GEL Media. GEL

Media has not reviewed any or all of such sites and is not responsible for the content of those sites.

Hyper-links are to be accessed at Client’s own risk, and GEL Media makes no representations or

warranties about the content, completeness or accuracy of these hyper-links or the sites hyper-linked to

this site. Further, the inclusion of any hyper-link to a third-party site does not necessarily imply

endorsement by GEL Media of that site.

Information Client Provides

Client may not post, send, submit, publish, or transmit in connection with Services provided by GEL

Media any material that:

Client does not have the right to post, including proprietary material of any third party;

advocates illegal activity or discusses intent to commit an illegal act;

is vulgar, obscene, pornographic, or indecent;

does not pertain directly to the Services provided by GEL Media;

threatens or abuses others, libels, defames, invades privacy, stalks, is obscene, pornographic,

racist, abusive, harassing, threatening or offensive;

seeks to exploit or harm children by exposing them to inappropriate content, asking for

personally identifiable details or otherwise;

infringes any intellectual property or other right of any entity or person, including violating

anyone’s copyrights or trademarks or their rights of publicity;

violates any law or may be considered to violate any law;

impersonates or misrepresents Client’s connection to any other entity or person or otherwise

manipulates headers or identifiers to disguise the origin of the content;

includes programs which contain viruses, worms and/or Trojan horses or any other computer

code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer

software or hardware or telecommunications;

disrupts the normal flow of dialogue, causes a screen to scroll faster than other users are able to

type, or otherwise act in a way which affects the ability of other people to engage in real time

activities via this site;

amounts to a ‘pyramid’ or similar scheme;

disobeys any policy or regulations established from time to time regarding use of Services or any

site owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by GEL Media; or

Contains hyper-links to other sites that contain content that falls within the descriptions set forth


GEL Media reserves the right to monitor use of this site or Services provided by GEL Media to

determine compliance with these Terms and Conditions, as well the right to remove or refuse any

Submission for any reason. Notwithstanding these rights, Client remains solely responsible for the

content of Client’s submissions. Client acknowledges and agrees that GEL Media will not assume or

have any liability for any action or inaction with respect to any Submission.


Client hereby grants to GEL Media the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive

right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from,

distribute, perform, and display all content, remarks, suggestions, ideas, graphics, or other information

communicated to GEL Media through this site (together, the “Submission”), and to incorporate any

Submission in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed. GEL

Media will not be required to treat any Submission as confidential, and may use any Submission in its

business (including without limitation, for products or advertising) without incurring any liability for

royalties or any other consideration of any kind, and will not incur any liability as a result of any

similarities that may appear in future GEL Media operations. GEL Media and its suppliers do not claim

ownership rights in any Submission or Content that Client owns, or is owned by a third party, and that

Client has provided for inclusion in the Services and/or incorporation onto Client’s web site or

Services provided by GEL Media. Accordingly, Client is solely responsible for ensuring that said

Submission does not violate any of GEL Media’ policies or any third party’s rights. GEL Media will

treat any personal information that Client submits through this in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

Communications from GEL Media

Client agrees to receive all communications from GEL Media, whether via telephone, facsimile, or e-

mail, and expressly agree not to consider any such communication(s) as unsolicited. Refusal to receive

such communications from GEL Media will constitute grounds for termination of the Agreement and

deactivation of Client’s Services, with payment in full for the Services and accompanying Agreement

due immediately thereafter.

Termination for Cause

GEL Media and its suppliers reserve the right to immediately terminate the Agreement and deactivate

Client’s account, web site, access to Services, Services or access to GEL Media’ web sites if they

believe, in their sole and absolute discretion, that Client has: (i) violated, or threaten to violate, the

terms of the Agreement, or these Terms and Conditions; or (ii) created, or are creating, web sites as a

nuisance or in a deliberate attempt to degrade or otherwise interfere with the Services, GEL Media

brand name, trademark, copyright, or other GEL Media client’s Services. Any Client or user who is

terminated for cause under this section hereby agrees to forfeit any and all rights, claims and/or causes

of action against GEL Media and its suppliers, including without limitation Client’s rights to any

refunds or for any losses, expenses, damages or costs incurred as a result of such termination and


Site Ownership

Copyright, code structure, processes, imagery, and intellectual property related to the finished web site

produced by GEL Media will be owned by Client. Failure to pay for Services rendered, in full along

with any additional fees or charges, failure to adhere to the terms of the Agreement or these Terms and

Conditions, will negate the Client ownership of the web site or Services provided by GEL Media. GEL

Media reserves the right to temporarily or permanently terminate Client access to Services or web site,

and to create a landing page or place holder, or to resell or repossess, web site or other Services

rendered or provided for failure to pay for Services as per the terms of the Agreement. Domain transfer

requests must be initiated by the Client to GEL Media in writing. At end of Agreement and upon

cancellation, if client wishes to transfer web site, they must notify GEL Media in writing, must pay for

all Services in full, and must handle the transfer themselves or through a third party provider. Any

assistance in the transfer or site modifications will be billed at the then current rate for hourly work (as

of 8/2015 that rate is $175 p/hour, in 3 hour increments) and must be pre-paid at the estimate time

frame for completion. Please note that site design and editing, as well as hosting and site features are

dependent on the skill set of the designer, the licensed tools and software they have access to, and their

individual capabilities; GEL Media does not warranty the Services or web site will work post

termination or cancellation. Rights to photos, graphics, source code, processes, intellectual property,

licenses, inventions, work-up files, and computer programs are specifically not transferred to the

Client, and remain the property of GEL Media, even if they are derivative of work being performed in

conjunction with Services being rendered by GEL Media to the Client. GEL Media retains the right to

display graphics and other Web design elements as examples of their work in their respective


The web site(s) may contain a copyright/legal statement with a link to GEL Media services and

corporate web site. Client assumes all liability for licensing the proper technology, and imagery, for the

site to operate properly outside of GEL Media designated hosting environment.

Force Majeure

GEL Media shall not be liable or deemed to be in default under this Agreement for any delay or

failure to perform resulting from (a) accidents, fire, labor disputes, epidemics, war, terrorist acts, riots,

insurrections, power blackouts, acts of nature or causes beyond its reasonable control without its fault

or negligence, (b) acts or omissions of the other Party or of a third Party (other than the non-

performing Party’s own agents or contractors), or (c) compliance with any law, regulation, ruling,

order or requirement of any federal, state or municipal government or agency or court of competent

jurisdiction (a ‘Force Majeure Condition’).

Limitations of Liability














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